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In my 9th year as the administrator did MC Government, serving under the BoC. Manage multiple levels of personnel, budgets, policy, procedures and interdepartmental communications for all offices. I Oversee county buildings, 9 direct staff members Higher authority for 5 other departments under the authority of the BoC. Manage the BoC multi million dollar budget.

15 years as a probation officer, meeting people where they are at, recognizing success is different for each person, and working to end the revolving door of recidivism with each person. 25 years MCG

I know how to run big business because county government is big business. The sheriffs office is a big business.

I know how to work working our system- judicial, executive, legislative/fiscal.

I know our criminal justice system inflicts harm on every person and their family that is incarcerated.

Maya Angelou- do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

We all know better. Time to change! Vote for me 🙂

Hello! I am Angie Purdie, candidate for Monroe County Sheriff.

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and my platform. I want to say upfront that unlike most sheriffs, I do not have a background in law enforcement, but I do have both work and educational experience in criminal justice. I consider this to be an advantage. I bring an outside perspective to what is sometimes referred to as the ‘old boys’ club.’ I also possess the qualities a sheriff must have: Leader, administrator, and chief executive officer. And, unlike the other candidates in this race, I have served in key positions in Monroe County government, including my current role as the administrator for the Board of Commissioners. I am the most qualified candidate for Sheriff in terms of my experience in administration (of both facilities and personnel) in Monroe County government – including budgeting and claims, personnel policies, and working effectively within the structure of Monroe County government.

Why do I want to be your Sheriff? For me, the decision to run was the result of some life-changing events.

A few years ago, a friend of mine lost a loved one to suicide shortly after they were released from jail. This was a young person with a promising future who had made a mistake - a mistake that was not worth their life.

This loss affected me and raised a number of questions: Could something have been done to prevent this tragedy? What can we do to ensure that mental health issues are recognized in our jail? What support system can we utilize to intervene and assist residents after they are released from jail?

I support Black Lives Matter and I support law enforcement. While it may seem to be a contradiction, it is not. I had to reconcile the horrific treatment of black and brown Americans at the hands of law enforcement with the fact that people I know, and love wear the uniform. I spent months listening and learning, researching, and reading, and I asked a lot of questions. In the end, I can and must support both Black Lives Matter and those members of law enforcement who believe in racial equity and justice for all. Is it easy? No. Inequities continue. But rather than wait for someone else to address inequities in the justice system, I want to be the community leader that helps create that change. I will need your help to make this happen.

In the wake of these local and national events, Monroe County Government initiated an assessment of our criminal justice system. This assessment included community meetings where I heard personal stories of addiction, mental health challenges, and residents’ experiences in both the jail and the court system.

This solidified my resolve to be an agent of change in Monroe County.

I invite you to read through my policy proposals. At the heart of my platform you will find progressive leadership and community-focused projects. Monroe County has an amazing team of Deputies and a dedicated jail staff in Monroe County. But we can always do better.

Implement Community-Oriented Policing to bring a community focus to the Sheriff’s Department. Develop an evaluation system to determine the efficacy of the COP program and to ensure all residents are treated equitably and fairly;
Establish a Sheriff’s Residents’ Advisory Board for both Deputies and the jail operations. The Board will include representation from a diverse cross-section of our community to field complaints, review policies, and make recommendations;
Ensure that data related to the Sheriff’s Department is accurately collected and the information is available for review by the community. This is an important part of my plan to identify and address inequities; and
Engage with the community to guide the implementation of the recommendations for the jail, based on the assessment in the Criminal Justice Reform Study

This platform requires collaboration with the community, the employees of the Sheriff's Department and county leadership. Won’t you join me in creating a more equitable and just Monroe County for all of our residents?

Please contact me if you have any questions about my platform or qualifications. In addition, I would like to hear YOUR ideas. Please contact me at:

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